Real Men Love Scentsy

There’s a stigma that guys aren’t allowed to have any interest in the world of fragrances. We’re not supposed to enjoy the smell of perfumes or body washes because it’s not masculine. But I’m going to disagree and state that real men love Scentsy.

Men have always loved scents.

For centuries, men have been attracted to certain fragrances. The smell of a campfire, the aroma of coffee, or the scent of a woman are all enough to ignite our interests. We are drawn to certain phermones or fragrances and there’s no shame in admitting it. Certain scents turn us on and motivate us. #TRUTH

Additionally our nose leads us to more than a mate; our olfactory senses are also important to survival.

Research shows we have approximately 450 olfactory sensors and they all serve a specific purpose. Scents can alert us to emergencies, show us the way to food, improve our moods and well-being, and recall cherished memories in our brain.

There’s no arguing the science of scents!

You can be manly AND love Scentsy.

Now that we know the importance of fragrances in our lives, we have to address the elephant in the room … the world of masculinity.

The sentiment that real men love Scentsy is one that typically goes against every fiber of manliness. “Real men” can’t sell or use these products, right?

When I first started the Independent Scentsy Consultant journey with Donetta, I was really hesitant to admit my involvement. I’m an Army Infantry guy who grew up “playing war” and doing all the hyper-masculine activities that turn a boy into a man. I owned plenty of guns and knives, didn’t cry, and never talked about my feelings.

What would my military buddies think if I told them about Scentsy? Imagine the cruel jokes and memes here.

Yet over the years I’ve learned that being a real man has nothing to do with wearing an Army uniform or how many guns I have to match my shoes. See what I did there?? The reality is guys can have a softer side to their lives and still be the kick-ass macho dude they believe to be.

Proud to be an American and a fragrance guy!

Many women have expressed a strong desire to become a consultant but refrain because their husband, partner, or boyfriend aren’t on board with the idea of selling fragrances.

I can understand if the reason actually has to do with the business side, but often I believe it’s because these guys think they’d get roped into a feminine world that would emasculate them. And this is a tragedy because it doesn’t have to be this way.

There’s no shame in my game.

There are Scentsy fragrances I can’t live without like Havana Cabana or Pina Coloda Cha-Cha (both are fantastic in wax or body wash). Both make me smile and reduce the stress in my life. I like the Service and Sacrifice warmer and Golden Knights Scentsy warmer because they represent my love for country and Army. And I use the Sunkissed Citrus All-Purpose cleaner since I’m OCD and dig the smell of fresh lemon.

But more than ANY of this, I sincerely enjoy helping my wife build our business and reaping the financial benefits and incentive rewards for our work.

I’d rather be “less manly” having money in the bank or be sitting on the beach for free than to live by some out-dated code made up somewhere in history.

Maybe this will convince you guys or maybe it won’t. Either way I’ll stick to what I said. Real men love Scentsy!