2020 A Great Year for Scentsy

While the pandemic unfortunately affected a lot of people in business and health, 2020 was a great year for Scentsy and the growth of the company. James and I had our best year ever as Independent Scentsy Consultants and many others had the same results.

The following graphic is so much fun! I love seeing stats like this that look back on what the year was like. I’m so glad we were a part of this success!! 💜💜

More people are shopping online.

When we started traveling full-time last year, I was really scared our business would suffer. But the online world has changed everything and it’s actually made business easier and better. While I do miss seeing my customers in Oklahoma and working live events, it’s been exciting to achieve a new level of growth — which is good news for anyone wanting to start a business online.

Additionally what is even more amazing is seeing online shopping explode!

Scentsy thought sales would drop due to the challenges of Covid 19 but it was the complete opposite. We’ve had many new products sell out in minutes after launch. The biggest obstacles have been supply chain because many of the facilities and shipping were shut down for a while. Luckily this situation is improving and hopefully 2021 will bring us all back up to full speed.

Need to make extra money?

With so many companies being shut down it has been financially rough for a lot of people around the globe. It deeply saddens us that so many friends and family have experienced such hardships.

I know direct sales isn’t for everyone, but I’ve been an Independent Scentsy Consultant for over 9 years and it’s really gotten us through some desperate times. Not only have we made good money, we’ve also been able to travel all over the world for free due to earned incentives.* So I always have to encourage people to look at the “unorthodox” possibilities in front of them.

2020 was a great year for Scentsy and so many consultants. If you need or want to make extra money then please consider joining our team. Or at least take the time to chat with us and ask questions. It might make a huge difference in your life like it did for us. We’d love to help you get started on an incredible journey.

*To follow the law we’re required to say results not typical and share an income disclosure statement. But who wants to be typical? If I can do this anyone can! 😉