Scentsy Warmers for Christmas

Looking for the perfect gift for the holidays? Then purchasing Scentsy warmers for Christmas is a great idea!

Scentsy is an innovative company that makes products that enliven your spirit through the magic of fragrances. It’s well known that certain scents can foster happy memories or even spice up your romance. They can be powerful in setting your mood and be good for wellness. But our warmers and other products can be used to decorate your home or office too!

Why Scentsy warmers make great holiday gifts.

They are safer than candles and incense.

So many people love to use candles throughout their homes but this can be extremely dangerous due to fires. How many times have you forgotten to blow a candle out and return to see it burning. EEEEK! Then there people who want their place to smell good and choose to burn incense instead. What most people don’t realize is these products can give off toxic fumes or chemicals that are unhealthy to them and their pets.

Scentsy warmers use a light bulb to heat, then melt the wax – no burning. They are safe to use and you can leave them on all the time without worrying.

They are great for decorative needs.

Whether you’re looking to bring some style to your home or office, Scentsy warmers are fantastic for decorating as well. We have masculine and feminine designs and everything in between. If you’re an NFL fan or soccer fanatic, Harry Potter fan, or just enjoy Christmas cheer … we’ve got it covered.

People love these products so much they often buy several to fill their homes!

They have a limited lifetime warranty.

You can purchase cheaper knock off warmers at places like Walmart or Amazon, but the companies that make them don’t stand behind these products like Scentsy does!

Scentsy warmers come with a lifetime replacement warranty for manufacturing defects. If your product is damaged in shipping from Scentsy, has a manufacturing defect, or an electrical issue, it may be returned with no limitation in time. So you can purchase these knowing it’s all good.

Holiday Warmer Recommendations

Choosing Scentsy warmers for Christmas might be overwhelming because we have so many awesome ones to choose from. So we decided to share some of our favorites as well as what’s hot right now.


This intricately detailed warmer features the iconic Snowy Owl perched wisely on a stack of books, as she fixes a protective gaze on you. Details include a cutout on the back that casts a crescent moon-shaped pattern when lit, and large vent holes to help release fragrance.

Kickoff to Christmas

Count down the days to Christmas with the help of this adorable snowman. Includes two numbered cubes to mark the days, plus vents so you can warm wax with the lid on.

Ocean Ombre

Waves of changing color  ripple across the metallic surface of this blown-glass warmer. Colors  take on a new look when this warmer is lit.

Christmas Camper

Festive yet down-to-earth, this hand-painted red and galvanized steel warmer features classic holiday decorations and a playful, rooftop wax dish — making it a cheerful addition to all the merriment.

Every Moment Matters

This momentous message is perfectly expressed with authentic, hand-wound lettering and a down-home design.

Philadelphia Eagles

This is all James! Why not go with something from the NFL … like the 8-1 Eagles? Take your fandom into overtime with the officially licensed NFL Collection. Featuring your team’s colors and logo on big, bold display, these football-shaped warmers will make a statement in any sports fan’s favorite space.

Check out our online catalog

The ideas are almost endless when buying a Scentsy warmer for Christmas or the holiday season. Everyone has a different style or taste so please check out our online catalog to see all the greats. Also don’t forget to choose your favorite scented wax either. What’s having a warmer if you can’t make your place smell awesome?

If you need any help deciding or placing your order, we are always a phone call away.