MLMs get a bad rap from some people – and rightly so depending on what company you have experience with. Some of the MLMs that exist are downright shady and icky! I feel for you if you’ve dealt with someone from one of those.


Not all MLMs are created equal. 😉 Just because one is bad doesn’t make them ALL bad just as going to one bad restaurant doesn’t make ALL restaurants bad. There are some bad ones and there are some good ones.

After almost 12 years with Scentsy, I can tell you that Scentsy is one of the best! We continually get awards and accolades for a variety of things and it’s just been an amazing company to be a part of.

There are lots of other great companies out there as well and I have several friends finding great success with those other companies. It makes me happy to see people find something they can enjoy and make money at – all while being in complete control of their schedule.

Which leads me to the point of this post – you get out of an MLM what you put into it. If you had a regular job and you didn’t show up for work, you only worked when you felt like it, you took off more days than you worked, and you had very little concern for the work you were doing – you wouldn’t last long. You’d get fired and have to find a new job. That’s not the fault of the company you were working for – that’s the fault of YOU because you didn’t put in the work. The same applies with any MLM. If you don’t put in the work, you’re not going to get the results. You won’t find success by not putting in the effort.

So before you say that MLMs don’t work and you can’t find success with them, give it a try and truly jump in and put yourself fully into the work. Then decide if you can find success.