Hi! We're Donetta and James Dalman.

Scentsy Consultant Donetta and James Dalman

If you don't have a Scentsy Consultant who can take care of your fragrance needs, we'd love the opportunity to earn your trust and business.

Our passion is delivering excellent service and giving you the best Scentsy experience possible. We've been consultants for eleven years now and have thousands of customers all over the United States ... and we love what we do for so many reasons, including traveling full-time.

You can learn more about us below, but if you ever have any questions about Scentsy or want to start your own online business, we're here to help.

Scentsy changed our lives forever.

Eleven years ago we sat down with with a guy named Brian who introduced us to a direct sales company called Scentsy. Having "done direct sales" before, we were highly skeptical and hesitant to listen to another opportunity.

The information sounded good and we could see the potential. Besides we desperately needed to make extra money because we were struggling to make ends meet.

Being a Scentsy Consultant sounded as appealing as used car sales, but Brian and his wife were very successful with Scentsy. Why not try?

We placed our trust in them and signed up. It's been the ride of a lifetime!

Success didn't happen overnight but we've been able to grow a very stable income. Earning an extra $2,000 - $3,000 per month from our efforts was life changing to our financial situation and our mental wellness.

But more than the monetary rewards, we've earned all expenses paid incentive trips to places all over the world. We never dreamed this could happen.

Being an Independent Scentsy Consultant allows us to enjoy a lifestyle business we never thought was possible.

Sure it's hard work like any other business, but we're able to travel the world because of it and live according to our own rules. To say that Scentsy changed our lives really is a huge understatement.

It IS possible to build a successful business in direct sales -- if you're open to it. We're not special or unique; we just saw the potential and went for it. You can too.

If you'd like to know more, call or text us. We'd love to be your guide.


*Income disclosure statement which is required by law to be shared when we post about what we earned.

Donetta Dalman, Scentsy Consultant

Donetta Dalman

I'm passionate about family, traveling the world, and mentoring women on how to build a successful online business -- especially stay at home moms!

When I'm not hiking in the woods with James or trying to keep him out of trouble, I love spending time on my business and engaging with my customers via text or social media.

My guilty pleasures are reading, coloring in my adult coloring books, and watching good shows on our streaming apps.

James Dalman

I've always been a creative guy and rule breaker. My passions are serving military veterans, drinking craft beer, and getting frisky with Donetta!

Interestingly I enlisted in the Oklahoma National Guard (Thunderbirds) and served in the US Army Reserves, despite hating being told what to do.

When I'm not trying to run around naked, you can find me hiking with my gal or conjuring up some new business idea. Oh yeah, I'm also a prankster.

James Dalman, Scentsy Consultant

Traveling the world because of Scentsy!

Thanks to Scentsy and our hard work, we've been able to travel the world, all expenses paid! It's just one perk for being an Independent Scentsy Consultant.

Oahu, Hawaii

Bahamas: Atlantis

Caribbean Cruise: Antigua, Barbados, Sint Maarten, and more!

Florida: Disney World - 2x

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic: Hard Rock Hotel

Mediterranean Cruise: France, Spain, and Italy

Cancun, Mexico: Moon Palace Resort

Marco Island, Florida


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