Join The Scentsy Club

Do you order Scentsy at least 4 times a year? If so, you should definitely be ordering through our Scentsy Club program. It doesn’t make sense NOT to do it. It’s FREE to set up – no fees EVER – and you get lots of perks and discounts!!

  • Save 10% on every order $30 or more
  • Discounted shipping
  • Every $60 order unlocks a half off reward
  • Earn reward points & referral points to use as discounts on your purchases
  • Get access to extra products that the general public can’t get

If you use any consumable products – wax, laundry, pods, bulbs, oils, on the go items, cleaning items, etc. – do yourself a favor and check it out!

  • You can edit your order every time so you don’t have to feel “stuck” with the same thing if you don’t want (See a new collection come out and want to try the new scent? Add it to your club!)
  • You can set it and get the exact same thing every time if you have a scent you love (and even if we discontinue that scent you can STILL keep getting the bars of that scent!)
  • You can order as much as every month or you can spread it out and only get it every quarter
  • You can skip orders if you find you have enough on hand when your order is coming up
  • You can cancel at any time – no penalties or fees

There’s really no reason NOT to have it if you’re a regular customer. Do yourself a favor and check it out here.