My Scentsy Experience

This post is not about encouraging you to join Scentsy, even though I believe it to be a great business. Rather this is my Scentsy experience and perspective from when Donetta first signed up to be an Independent Scentsy Consultant.

This post was originally written back in August of 2012.

Here we go. Another opportunity.

At one point or another, most of us have been approached by someone in direct sales. We’ve all been presented with an opportunity to change our lives and achieve financial freedom. At one point in life I could recite all the powerful buzzwords and cliche sayings about these types of businesses. Ad nauseum.

I never doubted that direct sales could provide a living, but most companies are so sleazy and make absurd promises. Living in a world of skepticism kept me from considering another opportunity. Then Donetta decided to flip the script.

You wanna do what???

This was my first thought when my wife introduced the idea of her becoming an Independent Scentsy Consultant. My mouth was still soured with the taste of the last failure we joined over eighteen years ago and there was no way in hell I would invest in another crappy multi-level marketing business.

But it’s a free lunch.

In order to appease my lovely wife, I agreed to stomach my way through another one of these dumb presentations by letting our friends take us to lunch.  It would be fun to challenge our presenters while eating on their dime. And since our friends were hugely successful in Scentsy I figured why not.

The Scentsy Experience was different.

Brian and Allison didn’t pressure us. They didn’t pitch us. Heck, they just told us how much they loved the business and how it changed their lives. They gave us information on how Scentsy worked and then asked if we had any questions.

Their approach wasn’t typical and I was grateful.

Despite that I was resolved to stand my ground that I would never, ever join another direct sales business. Donetta, operating like a heat seeking missile however, refused to let go. So I decided the best way to avoid a fight was to let her go for it … it would probably fail anyway.


Sadly I admit I thought there was very little hope for my wonderful wife to succeed in a business model I thought was doomed from the start. Usually it takes less than a couple months before “the dream” is lost in the rearview mirror. I was totally wrong!

To my amazement, my introverted sweetheart refused to quit even while facing discouragement. She worked extremely hard and was able to make enough money to take us to the annual Scentsy Family Reunion in Las Vegas that first year.

Of course my goal was to drink margaritas and sit by the pool while she attended the event. Donetta had other plans for me.

SFR 2012 was eye opening.

Imagine being in a convention center with 11,000 Independent Scentsy Consultants (mostly women) fired up about their business. Now I was still a bit skeptical at this point but it was captivating seeing such passionate people.

I wondered if most business owners injected that type of DNA into their own businesses, how that might hugely affect their long-term success.

My Scentsy experience at that moment was eye opening. The entire conference was done with excellence and I learned far more about marketing and presentation than I ever had from any book or website. Heidi and Orville Thompson, CEOs of Scentsy, were down to earth people instead of the pretentious leaders I envisioned them to be.

Overall I began to soften my view of direct sales and Scentsy because I could see that it was real. This wasn’t some bullshit scam as I’d encountered in the past. And I was glad Donetta coerced me into attending this Scentsy Family Reunion.

My Scentsy Experience in Las Vegas 2012

My perspective nine years later.

Scentsy as a company and their consultants aren’t perfect. They’ve made mistakes and have had challenges over the years. However NO company or person is perfect and we must realize that. As a business opportunity it has exceeded my expectations and completely changed my mind about direct sales.

Here is what I can say with absolute certainty:

  • Scentsy is for real. It made the 2011 Inc 500 list at #85 and was #66 on Forbes America’s Most Promising Companies List. Today the company has experienced tremendous growth and recognition. (
  • Scentsy has changed lives. Thousands of women and men have been empowered with a successful business — allowing many to quit their jobs, stay home to raise their children, or to travel the world.
  • Scentsy has strong, down to earth values. They believe in giving back and generosity. They’ve raised millions of dollars for various charities in addition to giving so much to their own consultants.
  • Scentsy provided us with sustainable income and trips. We’ve made great money working a flexible lifestyle business while earning free trips around the globe.

These are just a few affirmations from my Scentsy experience the past nine years in the business and I’m so glad Donetta stood her ground and worked so hard to make this happen.

Final thoughts.

My goal isn’t to convince you to become an Independent Scentsy Consultant. Rather my purpose is to let people know that not all direct sales ventures are bad and it’s entirely possible to build an amazing business in the industry — with the right company of course.

No matter what business you choose, direct sales or traditional, you have to have the desire to succeed. Failures happen across the board no matter what “vehicle” you choose to make a living. Scentsy just happens to be the best choice for us and we’ve proven the business works.

All I ask is that you do keep an open mind to any opportunity that comes your way. You never know when it could change your life.