Scentsy FAQs

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We get a lot of questions about Scentsy products and what it's like to become an Independent Scentsy Consultant. While you can find a lot of this information online, our Scentsy FAQs page will help you learn more. And you'll also get insights from our own perspective. It's just one way we're here to help you make the best decision.

Basic Scentsy FAQs

Scentsy is a direct sales company who offers stylish, innovative and customizable products for your home or office. They are a leader in the industry with consultants in 11 countries.

Scentsy is widely known for their amazing wax warmers and scented wax, but they also offer a variety of other products including essential oil diffusers, cleaning products, and body creams or lotions

Scentsy warmers are often called "wickless candles" because they use heat to gently warm the wax bars and release fragrances into the air. And because there is no flame or soot, they are safer than traditional candles.

Scentsy wax and home fragrance products are made in their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Meridian, Idaho.

The warmers are designed by Scentsy and made to their exact specifications by skilled artisans employed in their manufacturing facility in China.

Scentsy products are sold via Independent Scentsy Consultants (like us) through their website, parties, trade shows, fairs and other events.

There are some people who "illegally" sell these products on eBay or in retail stores. We highly encourage you to not purchase any Scentsy product unless it's from a registered Independent Scentsy Consultant.

Independent Consultant FAQs

As an Independent Scentsy Consultant, you are an independent business owner authorized to sell Scentsy products for a commission.

You have the freedom to control when and where you work your business, and you can increase your commission by selling more products or earning residual income from friends and family you’ve recruited to join your team.

That's a great question!

We studied and researched many direct sales companies in the past. Scentsy offers amazing products that people love, plus they have one of the best compensation plans in the industry.

Scentsy is also a family focused company with high values. They truly take care of their team and consultants.

Most Independent Scentsy Consultants join because they love the products!

Other reasons include earning extra income or incentive trips, the flexibility to work when and where you want, and because we have an amazing community.

You must be the legal age or age of majority in your country of residence at the time of enrollment.

You must also be a legal resident of the country where you want to enroll and have a valid personal identification number (such as a Social Security number or Employee Identification Number).

And you must accept the Independent Consultant Agreement (ICA) and purchase or earn a Starter Kit. (North Dakota residents are not required to purchase a Starter Kit to join.)

That's easy! You can go to our official Scentsy website and sign up on our Join page.

There's plenty of information to guide you in the process but you can always contact us and we'd be glad to help you get started.