Join Our Scentsy Team

Over the years we’ve shared reasons why people should consider starting a Scentsy business. We’ve also tried to help others understand why direct sales is a great business model. And we’ve been open and honest about whether you can actually make money with Scentsy. But the conversation has never really turned to why someone should join our Scentsy team.

With plenty of direct sales opportunities and hundreds of thousands of independent consultants, why choose us?

I don’t want to give you the impression that Donetta and I are some multi-level marketing rockstars. While I think we’ve done a great job in ten years of being Independent Scentsy Consultants, we’re certainly not perfect. In fact, we’ve failed at business many times and have made some big mistakes. So I want to be upfront with you and not try to come off as some “VIP” who has made millions while we sleep.

Yet in other ways we’ve been hugely successful. We’ve been able to make a great income, while earning all expenses paid incentive trips, and now travel full-time because of our direct sales efforts. It’s a cool way to live life and experience freedom. And we’ve made money while we sleep. 🙂

Why Join Our Scentsy Team?

We care about your success.

Yes it’s easy to say that but this is the absolute truth. For those of you considering starting your own Scentsy business, we want to see you achieve whatever goals you set for yourself.

If you’re goal is to change your financial future by earning a full-time living, we will do all we can to try to help you achieve it. If you want to make some side income to pay for extras, we’ll guide you in the process. Whatever your reason is for joining, Donetta and I are here to support you on the journey. Now this doesn’t mean we’ll do the work for you, but we will coach you every step of the way.

Our passion is seeing your life changed professionally and personally because of this business.

We love to have fun.

It might seem odd to make this a reason to join our Scentsy team, but all work and no play just sucks! Work to live not live to work is our motto. Besides, our name is I Love Scents. 🙂

One of the things we try to do as much as possible is to create a sense of community and a fun atmosphere for everyone. We’ve not always been perfect at this, but our goal is to make work and life an enjoyable experience. This includes online meetups, local get togethers when possible, and other exciting ways to make you feel like family. Only with less drama and dysfunction. LOL!

We invest in coaching you.

Naturally people think of coaching in the sports context, but coaching applies to all areas of life. Not only do we invest in personal development for ourselves, we invest our time and knowledge into you.

Coaching is never a requirement when joining our Scentsy team, but it helps in so many ways. Sure we want to show you how to build a successful business, but we really enjoy getting to know our team and being there for life needs as well. One of the things you’ll experience with us is a relationship — if you want it that is. Mentoring or guiding others is part of our DNA.

We love what we do!

Why does this really matter to you? Who cares about what we love, right?? In the grand scheme of things this is not about us, but really about you.

It’s not a good practice to follow or learn from someone who seems to hate their job or life. Your potential will be limited and surrounding yourself with toxic people is bad for your well-being. We love our business and traveling lifestyle and this benefits you whether you join for community or to make a living. It’s that important.

We believe in you.

Some people I’ve talked with don’t believe they can ever achieve some identifiable level of success, especially in multi-level marketing. It’s only for those special people who have the X-Factor.

We completely understand it, and as I stated earlier, we’re definitely not MLM rockstars. But we have found a way to make great consistent income, build a wonderful team, travel the world, and work on our own terms … while being ordinary people doing ordinary things.

Let me say it this way.

You already have everything you need to live the life you want for yourself. No matter what your background, experience, education level, or circumstance, you have what it takes. If you only knew about our past failures and challenges, you’d definitely believe you can do this as well.

Join our Scentsy team. Live your own adventures. Have fun and make some money.

Are you ready to consider it?

These are only a few reasons to join our Scentsy team and I think they’re pretty good, but that doesn’t mean squat if you’re not ready to see for yourself. So I’d like to invite you to call or text us to talk it over.

No hard selling, no guilt trips, no BS about becoming a rockstar. All we want to do is answer your questions and let you get to know us. Pour yourself a glass of wine or grab a beer and enjoy a fun call.

If becoming a Scentsy consultant helps you bring in some extra dough or at minimum, provides you with some free stuff and discounted merchandise, isn’t that worth your time? Perhaps it will even be so much more.

The next step is up to you.