Make Money with Scentsy

One of the biggest questions we ever get is can I really make money with Scentsy?

We get it. There can be a lot of skepticism toward direct sales companies. People are led to believe that all MLM opportunities are a scam and only the “people at the top” can make money or that it’s impossible to earn a living with it.

While there are bad companies who have caused mistrust in the direct sales industry, there are many good ones. And this problem is no different than restaurants, churches, accountants, or any other business. This is what one should always keep in mind.

Almost ten years ago when Donetta started selling Scentsy I was also skeptical. While we knew consultants who were earning high six figures, I wasn’t really sure we could make money with Scentsy. But we have and we’ve done well.

Four secrets to making money with direct sales.

OK, there really aren’t any secrets because I’m sure you already know what I’m about to say. Yet it’s important to share what I’ve learned over the years being in business because it makes a huge difference between success and failure.

Choose the right company.

As stated, there are amazing and horrible companies in the direct sales world as with any industry. The challenge is you need to do the research and find the right company. Look at their leadership, compensation plan, business strategy, and overall customer experience. Ask the hard questions upfront and see how people respond. And while you can do searches on the internet, keep in mind there are always a subset of folks who have had a bad experience or like to be negative.

Pick the right product or service.

Selling precious Hummel figurines might be a good hobby but it might not be a great business opportunity. Is there a true market there? Diet pills and yoga pants will always have interest, but may not last due to fads. Is your product or service sustainable? One reason we enjoy selling Scentsy fragrances is people love the products, many of which are consumable. This means ongoing and repeat business — something you should strive for. Invest in something you can see yourself doing for a while.

Work hard at growing your business.

If running a business was easy, everyone would be doing it! The truth is being successful at any pursuit in life requires commitment, focus, drive, hard work, and a little luck. The idea that you can purchase a magic bean and make it grow into an empire is foolish thinking. The biggest reason so many people fail in direct sales is because they don’t work their business. It has NOTHING to do with the product or service, nor is it usually related to Multi-Level Marketing; it’s due to the person behind the wheel.

Keep a positive mindset.

Family members and friends might think you’re absolutely nuts regardless of any business you start. There will be internet trolls and negative colleagues to deal with. Some days you will face failure or hardships. I’m not gonna sugar coat it because sometimes things will suck. But if you keep a positive mindset and continue to remember your why for being in business, you have a great chance of seeing success. And be proud to be in direct sales; don’t apologize to anyone for wanting to make your life better.

Overcome the fear and believe it can happen to you!

We were fearful of a lot of things when we got started – including failure and ridicule. Now we laugh at those fears because we’ve overcome them. Donetta has been very successful at earning incentive trips, annual sales awards, and making consistent income.* And she’s an introvert!!! She believed she could make it work and she has. The same can be for you.

So YES, you can make money with Scensty.

One of the aspects we love about what we do is showing others how they can make extra money by becoming Independent Scentsy Consultants. Of course we can’t guarantee your success, but we can guide you in the best ways to be successful at your goals (and having a great coach is just as valuable as hard work). Scentsy has a great step by step process to follow and we are here to help.

Right now there is a special to join and the risk is low. Why not consider the option? You can call us or text us to learn more. We’ll answer all the questions we can and then you can decide if this is right for you. Either way you have lost nothing but some time. Not a bad deal considering all you could achieve.

*When talking about income the FTC requires that we say “results not typical” and include and income disclosure statement.