The Disney Villains Scentsy Collection just launched yesterday for those of you who like the naughty side. These will make great gifts for Christmas or any other time of the year!

All the Rage Villains Warmer

The All the Rage Scentsy warmer features six notorious Disney villains: The Queen, Scar, Cruella de Vil, Maleficent, Ursula the Sea Witch and Hades. Simply choose your view and change it with your mood. The wax dish includes a spider molded into the glass and features a decorative handle with a raven perched on top.

Villains Scentsy Bars

The Disney Villains Scentsy Collection also offers four new Scentsy wax options that will tantalize your soul.

Dark and Devious Scentsy Bar: Enjoy brooding black pepper, star anise and cinnamon. Stir up a plot with smoked absinthe and ancient hemlock for the ultimate revenge.

Evil Queen Just One Bite Scentsy Bar: Try to resist the poisoned apple hidden deep in forest woods. Includes blends with warm cinnamon and menacing black molasses.

Malificient Mistress of Evil Scentsy Bar: The beauty of gardenia meets malevolent musk but also the juicy blood orange drips over satsuma plum for the sweetest revenge.

Ursula Poor Unfortunate Souls Scentsy Bar: Be careful of this alluring potion! It’s a concoction of wild blackberry, scarlet raspberry and bubbly goji berry. But it’s wrapped in vengeful vanilla silk that will leave you spellbound.

Earn Free Scentsy products.

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