Host an Online Scentsy Party to Earn Free Scentsy

Did you know that when you have a Scentsy party you can earn free stuff like warmers or wax? Yep, it’s absolutely true! Did you also know you can have a party online and do very minimal work? Yeah, we make it easy as possible for anyone who is interested in being a host. But let us share the details so you know everything upfront before making your decision.

Hosting a party is absolutely free.

There’s never a cost for you to host a Scentsy party. There are no strings attached and there’s no pressure. All you have to do is say “YES” and then pick a date. Then your Scentsy Consultant (i.e. James and Donetta) will work with you to make the event a success.

Hosting a party is easy and simple.

We do all the hard work for you! Once you’ve decided to go for it and have a date on the calendar, we’ll guide you every step of the way. All you have to do is invite 20-30 friends via Facebook, then engage in the conversation by commenting on the posts. There’s no selling involved on your part.

Hosting a party rewards your efforts.

A Scentsy party is a fantastic way to earn free products for a few hours of your time. We’ve had many hosts receive hundreds of dollars of Scentsy items by following our step by step instructions. And remember, we make it super easy to do.

It’s all done via Facebook.

One of main reasons people are hesitant to host a party is because they believe it’s required to have it at their home. While this is the typical way to have a Scentsy party, technology and Facebook allows this to all be done virtually. All you need is a computer, iPad, or mobile phone. The best part is you can lounge in your skivvies while sipping a cappuccino! How awesome is that???

Here’s how it works.

Invite a small group of family or friends. You’re encouraged to only invite 20-30 people via Facebook because larger groups of people don’t work as well.

Talk about it online. Show your enthusiasm by posting about your party and get your guests excited. We’ll provide you with sample ideas and suggestions along the way.

Join the Facebook group. Donetta and I will set up a Facebook group page for the event and invite you to it. This is where all the action takes place.

Comment on our posts. We’ll do all the work from here and post photos of products, along with information. You will then engage with us and your guests in the comments section. The more excitement you show, the more your party will be a success.

Sit back and relax. As your Scentsy consultant, we take care of the ordering process. The orders will ship right to the guests’ door with no work for you!

Send a thank you message to your guests. It’s always important to let your friends or family know you appreciate them for participating.

Choose your rewards. The amount of host rewards earned depends on how well your online Scentsy party does, but in order to qualify, we must reach a minimum of $200 in sales — though this is very easy if you follow our plan. We’ll provide you with all the details as we get started.

Ready to earn your free Scenty products?

Call us or text us at +405-425-9523 to let us know you’re interested. You can also fill out and submit our contact form here.

We’ll take it from there and get you set up for your online Scentsy party. Donetta and I are always here to help and look forward to hooking you up with your rewards.