Romantic Scents for the Bedroom

Much has been written on the art of romance and spicing up a sex life between couples. It’s an important topic because we desire to feel loved and want to experience moments of deep intimacy. And of course, have a lot of exhilarating fun!

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve these sacred moments between lovers. In fact, it keeps the passion between couples alive and is excellent for your health and wellness. Unfortunately the romance we long for can be difficult to ignite at times. Raising children, dealing with work stress, living with family drama, or a simply lack of communication can all impact what happens – or doesn’t happen – behind the bedroom door.

The good news is with a little planning and creativity, you can spark that fire within and improve the outcome for you and your partner. This includes discovering romantic scents for the bedroom.

Fragrances can improve your romance.

Just like certain foods are considered aphrodisiacs, fragrances might have power to influence your moods. An article from Psychology Today suggests certain scents can make or break your relationship. EEEK! Have you ever been turned on or off due to a person’s smell? Think about it.

Of course I don’t mean to put pressure on you to use perfume or deodorant. But it might be something to consider!

Because certain scents do invoke certain feelings and influence feelings, I will always love Havana Cabana from Scentsy. It reminds me of being in the Caribbean Islands and extremely happy memories with Donetta. And when I’m happy, I’m more loving and romantic. Some guys get turned on by the smell of WD-40 and others prefer a whisp of cinnamon. No judgement here!

The same applies to you.

Think of a fragrance that brings up a powerful or exciting memory in your own life. Perhaps could be a clue to your own romantic scents for the bedroom.

What are considered romantic scents?

Since the science is inconclusive and each person is so vastly different, we cannot state a certain fragrance will bring the bow chicka wow wow. Yet there are also lots of theories and ideas as to what makes the best romantic scents.

Vanilla, Lavender, Jasmine, Sandalwood, and Ginger are often cited as sensual scents. However I also believe if you look at the aphrodisiac food list, there might be options there as well. Scents that are have include cinnamon, berries, pomegranate, or woodsy notes can increase the burning desire for fun.

So based on all of these findings, here’s what we recommend when it comes to Scentsy fragrances.

  • Breakfast in Bed: Enjoy a warm pumpkin pastry filled with black raspberry and topped by a sweet cinnamon drizzle.
  • Luna: White florals — jasmine, sweet pea, and freesia — juicy berries, and sandalwood shimmer like moonlight.
  • Jeweled Pomegranate: Shimmering pomegranate sparkles with sugared mandarin and a twinkle of cinnamon.
  • Mystery Man: Warm white cedar, green verbena and citrusy bergamot in a perfectly spiced, sensual fragrance.
  • Vanilla Waves: Sea salt and whipped vanilla crash into sticky caramel for an elegant fusion of opposites.

Of course you have to remember you and your partner’s olfactory senses could be completely different. Gun powder or campfire smells could be your go to for romantic scents in the bedroom.

How about candles or candlelight?

There’s no doubt a little flame can increase the flame of romance. Ambiance and setting has a LOT to do with a successful evening or morning if that’s better. Additionally mood lighting sets the tone for being relaxed and inviting. The problem with candles is they can be dangerous.

An open flame around your sheets, curtains, or sensitive areas can have horrific consequences.

Hey, I read stuff online. 😉 But burning candles can also release harmful chemicals for your health. If you’re like me and think 1,000 candles is the ultimate mood creator, you might reconsider for a lot of reasons.

A Scentsy warmer for melting your Scentsy wax cubes is a safer option!

Not only do so many of them give off a romantic glow and ambiance, they aren’t going to burn down your house or cause any health related issues. Plus if you are into something more sensual, you can still use the warm wax to drizzle on the body … just make sure NOT to grab the hot dish until it cools down. I heard it from a friend, OK???

Order up some romantic scents for the bedroom.

The rest is now up to you. Aside from reading some good books on romance or being creative with your surroundings, it really comes down to ordering some Scentsy wax and experimenting. This is the fun part after all!

Finally, it might seem “off course” to write such a post on our Scentsy blog, but Donetta and I both have heard the stories of fizzled out marriages and relationships over the years. So often it relates to passion, romance, intimacy, and sex. If we can help improve the lives of the people we care about, it’s worth the risk of writing this post.

So go on now and make the magic happen. If you need more suggestions, send us a message. Good luck!