Find balance with these new calming fragrances from Scentsy! The All Is Well Wax Collection introduces five new Scentsy Bars in soothing scents. They are sure to be a hit for spring and beyond. The following fragrances will be included in the collection:

  • Vitamin Inhale: Fresh mountain air carries notes of wildflowersand fern to peaceful vistas.
  • Vitamin Meditate. Sandalwood balances calming lavender and spicy nutmeg.
  • Vitamin Relax. Bright bergamot and smooth vanilla sugar bask in warm amber.
  • Vitamin Soothe: Driftwood softened by gentle water lily and soothing sea minerals.
  • Vitamin Unwind: Sweet apple blossom and crisp cucumber peel drift above serene spa water.

The All is Well Wax Collection will be available February 21st, 2022.

The entire set is $25 USD or you can get each Scentsy wax bar for $6 USD each. All of these products will be perfect for anyone who wants soothing and relaxing fragrances that are good for the soul.

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