2022 Scentsy Spring Catalog

It might still be cold outside in a lot of places but the good news is springtime is arriving!  It’s only fitting then that our 2022 Scentsy Spring Catalog launched this month with tons of new products and fragrances.  We have lots of great new scents that you can enjoy – some with pineapple, some coconut, and some new fresh scents and some new florals too! 

 You’ll also find a wide variety of new warmers available that are just stunning.

Spring Catalog Recommendations

It’s difficult to make recommendations because every person has different tastes or fragrance preferences, but I’ll share some of my favorites from the 2022 Scentsy Spring Catalog to help you out.

Scentsy Flight of the Monarch Warmer

Scentsy Warmers

I just LOVE the Pearlescent Petals and the Dragonfly Away warmers.  They’re just gorgeous! But probably one of the best new Scentsy warmers is Flight of the Monarch because it reminds me of the time we lived in Oklahoma and were blessed to see SO MANY butterflies as they migrated south for the winter.

Flight of the Monarch warmer is beautiful and our charitable cause product. The Intricate florals frame a butterfly in motion, all etched into porcelain and illuminated by a warm, subtle glow. The pattern wraps around the full body of the warmer, so it looks lovely from any angle!

From Feb. 1 to July 31, 2022, we’ll donate $9.50 from each sale to the Scentsy Family Foundation, a 501(c)(3) that provides critical funding to nonprofit organizations in North America.

Scentsy Kids Products

We also have some adorable new kids products like new buddies and buddy clips of course. Havi the Hedgehog is my favorite out of the bunch.

Scentsy Diffusers

If you love oils our new Premium diffuser, Explore, is pretty incredible. This handcrafted glass shade is sure to be a beautiful addition to your decor.  And you can choose any of our amazing oils to diffuse to make your home smell amazing.

One product line that’s been a HUGE hit is our fan diffusers.  We have a variety of options available including an air purifier that does an amazing job of cleaning the air in your home.  We love ours!  And adding that scent with the pods in the top is icing on the cake. Check out our fan diffuser options.

There’s so many spring catalog options.

Of course we have many other products available – laundry, clean, pet, and on the go products.  You can browse those as well as all of our special collections and licensed items by checking out the 2022 Scentsy Spring Catalog here.

If you ever need a Scentsy consultant to help decide what to choose or if you have any questions, please text or call us anytime.