Harry Potter Scentsy Pre-Order

The time has come!!! A couple weeks ago we shared about the new Harry Potter Scentsy products and now is your opportunity to pre-order these magical delights. And if ANY indication from previous big releases hold true like the Sorting Hat, these will be very popular gifts and will disappear fast.

But since this is a Harry Potter Scentsy special, you are guaranteed to get them IF you pre-order. That’s the good news. And even better, it’s a simple process … all you need to do is click the button below. From there you will set up your login info and place the pre-order. Easy peasy!!

All pre-orders will be able to be redeemed approximately February 2022.

Hogwarts and Scentsy

There are two different spell-binding products that will be available. Here’s a list and the deposit required to reserve your Harry Potter Scentsy Collection:

  • Hogwarts Scentsy Warmer: $15 deposit toward the full retail price of $75 USD
  • Hogwarts Houses Scentsy Wax Collection: $5 deposit toward the full retail price of $24 USD

You can also purchase BOTH the Hogwarts Scentsy Warmer + Hogwarts Houses Scentsy Wax Collection Bundle together! It’s a $15 deposit toward the full retail price of $99 USD.

These products are scheduled to arrive in February 2022 so please be patient as our wizards and witches brew up their concoctions. We will let you know when they are available and when the rest of your payment is due.

The Harry Potter Fragrance Collection

The Scentsy fragrances for the initial Harry Potter launch are quite mesmerizing. Choose your house carefully.


Bravery and Determination. Race through daring smoky woods, while amber and a touch of dapper cinnamon leaf bring warmth to your journey.


Cunning and Ambition. Forest woods hide dark secrets in fresh oak moss and a sweetly sinister layer of deep blackberry.


Just and Loyal. The Great Hall beckons with sweet and steadfast notes of golden apple, whipped vanilla almond and cinnamon sugar.


Wit and Wisdom. A clever concoction of suede and sandalwood is mellowed handsomely by a ribbon of smooth vanilla.

Bring out your wands and your credit cards.

“What’s comin’ will come and we’ll meet it when it does.”

Rubeus Hagrid

The Harry Potter Scentsy collection is on the horizon and you should meet it when it does. 🙂 Make sure you pre-order and don’t wait. You don’t want to miss out. If you have any questions you don’t need a magic crystal ball … just contact us and we’ll be happy to help.