Disney Cars Scentsy Warmer

This summer just keeps getting better and better! We’re in high octane mode with the new release of the Disney Cars Scentsy Warmer today. Plus we also have a Radiator Springs Scensty Bar and Scent Circle Bundle to put the brakes on odorous smells.

Lightning McQueen and Mater

You won’t have to cruise Route 66 to catch a glimpse of Lightning McQueen and Mater hanging out together. This unique, hand painted Scentsy warmer is a perfect addition to your Cars collection. It’s even got a painted postcard from Radiator Springs in the wax dish to rev up your enthusiasm.

The Disney and PIXAR’s Car Scentsy warmer is $60 USD and ready to order.

Radiator Springs Scentsy Bar

You can’t use your warmer without a Scentsy fragrance! This energized lemon scent gets off to a fast start, the pink grapefruit and red cherry set the pace, and sweet sugar takes the checkered flag. Made of high-quality paraffin wax for long-lasting fragrance, our Scentsy Bars are composed of eight break-apart cubes designed to use with any Scentsy Warmer.

All wax bars are safe to use — no wick, flame, smoke, or soot. The Radiator Springs Scentsy Bar is available for $6.50 USD.

Radiator Springs Scent Circle Bundle

Speaking of Cars, why not make your own vehicle smell like a winner with this Scent Circle Bundle? You’ll get four Scent Circles including Lightning McQueen, Mater, Sally and the whole Cars gang — all scented with the exclusive fragrance created especially for our Disney and Pixar’s Cars products.

The Radiator Springs Scent Circle Bundle is available for $12.00 USD. Not sold separately.

Disney and Scentsy a match made in heaven.

Last week we heard the news that Disney and Scentsy have created an exclusive licensing agreement for the future. This incredible relationship means more amazing products will be developed, just like the Disney Cars Scentsy Warmer here today. And it won’t stop there!

We love the opportunity to introduce new Scentsy products each year and we’re excited about the upcoming releases like the Harry Potter Collection.