Best Scentsy Beach Scents 2021

We absolutely love spending time at the beach because it brings a feeling of calmness and happiness to our souls. Between the sound of the waves, the feeling of warm sunshine, and the aromatic coastal fragrances, it’s hard to not be at peace. The coastal life is a good life. But what if you can’t make it to a beach in 2021 and want that coastal vibe in your home or business? That’s a great question we can answer because we’ve done it in the past. All it takes is some creativity and Scentsy Beach scents to get you going.

It all starts with the right fragrances.

It’s not easy to replicate the beach lifestyle in your home, but there are ways to mimic the feeling of being close to the ocean.

Before we sold our home last year and started traveling full-time, we used Scentsy beach scents throughout the house to bring a smile to our faces. There is something SO SPECIAL about the smell of Havana Cabana and Piña Colada Cha Cha permeating the air. The power of fragrances is astonishing and I often felt a tear run down my cheek because it made me feel like I was at the beach.

You might chuckle but it’s absolutely true … and it helped me overcome many depressing days.

Certain scents can greatly impact our lives and trigger both happy or unhappy memories. Because we’ve traveled to many Caribbean Islands and spent time in amazing coastal locations, these memories are some of my best, and there are certain floral or tropical fragrances that can transport me back to those places in an instance.

If you’re looking to start with the beach foundation, then trust your nose first and order some aromatic wonders to get you in the mood.

Scentsy Beach Scents 2021

Besides the scents above, I also highly recommend Aloha Citrus, Hibiscus Pineapple, Blue Agave and Melon, and Coconut Daiquri. These are all fantastic Scentsy beach scents and most are available in variety of product options. The bad news is some of them have sold out since this post was written but we hope they come back again one day.

I’ll also throw out my masculinity with the tub water and say the Scentsy Soak in any of these scents is a great way to relax your mind. Just fill up your bathtub, drop in the soak, turn on some soft jazz music, and have a glass of your favorite adult beverage — like Kona Big Wave or Tiki Rum Mai Tai.

Please drink responsibly and don’t fall asleep with the water running. Just saying. 😉

Decorate with beach lifestyle products.

Besides igniting your olfactory pleasure with Scentsy beach scents, it will certainly help to decorate your home or office with beach related products. You don’t have to invest a lot of money to elevate the experience.

Spending time at the local thrift store is a great way to find coastal decorations like prints, throw rugs, tiki torches, knick knacks, or drink glasses. Not only will you save money, you’ll be repurposing items and helping a good cause. Plus you won’t feel bad if you get rid of them next season.

We had furnished our house with many cheap upgrades that lightened the entire mood and made us feel like we were in a coastal retreat. Of course we also had plenty of Scentsy beach warmers to help!

Scentsy Beach Warmers 2021

One of the perks of being Independent Scentsy Consultants is we’ve earned a lot of FREE products. I’d say we probably had at least four warmers in each of our larger rooms and it was a great way to help set the mood.

Carolina Coast Warmer, Every Moment Matters, Marrakesh Warmer, Serene Warmer, and Tide Pool are all perfect for beach or coastal decor. But there are so many warmers and plugins that could be used to create the atmosphere you’re looking for.

Finally you can even throw out some beach shells or even go as crazy as to paint your walls or update furniture to bring it all together.

Listen to some water.

The sound of crashing waves is one of the best ways to feel like you’re by the ocean and it’s great for relaxation. And while this has nothing to do with Scentsy, I recommend figuring out how you can achieve this last piece of the puzzle.

Consider purchasing a table top water feature or aquarium or maybe even a larger water feature for outside. If those aren’t an option, a nice app with the sounds of the ocean and surround sound speakers will do the trick. You certainly don’t have to tickle your ears by listening to water but it certainly helps.

Need some help choosing Scentsy products?

It would be a blast to come and help you design a beach getaway while enjoying a margarita, but unfortunately I can’t make that happen. But we can help you figure out the best Scentsy beach scents and warmers to get you started though.

If you need some help, don’t hesitate to connect with us via Facebook or text. We’d love to help you create your happy place.